The Market Management Unit will support you with validation of the innovation process by delivering techniques for understanding market capacity, capability, and trend and stimulating innovation in the design and delivery of the solution. 

The course content in progress

Innovation Marketing & Business Modelling

Aim of the course:  

  • Innovation Marketing
    • Understand basic marketing concepts
    • Learn to define a feature vs. a value
    • Understand the different layers of customer satisfaction
    • Learn to create a product feature roadmap
    • Understand the concept of the golden circles
    • Understand the overall concept of the 4Ps

  • Business Modelling
    • Understand the need for a structural element such as Business Modelling tools
    • Learn to identify the right Business Modelling tool
    • Understand the process and activities of Business Modelling

Course level:  

  • Basic


  • 8h