tttea LOGOJoint Learning Platform for Transnational Technology Transfer Enterprise Agents covers 11 different modules gather in 4 learning units.

The training course is structured:

  • The short term horizontal unit (unit 1) intends to provide the basic knowledge and skills required to a TTTEA. It delivers the basic knowledge to mind the gap between the complexity of technology transfer concepts and the day by day language of small and medium sized enterprises.
  • The subsequent long-term teaching units (units 2-4) have been developed on the idea of accompanying the TTTEA along all the stages of a technological transfer process, providing the skills and knowledge necessary for the management of all these different phases. These units require that the Unit 1 has been accomplished and are learners feel subsequently comfortable with the technology transfer approach
The use of the Joint Learning Platform for Transnational Technology Transfer Enterprise Agents is foreseen for the didactic modules that require the TTTEA autonomous acquisition of the contents of in-depth documents; 22 hours of learning activities are foreseen on the e-platform. 

PresentationS of courses, support organizations and teachers

CSMT Gestione

Courses: A road map toward TT (HORIZONTAL UNIT)


Courses: The role of technology (HORIZONTAL UNIT)

                 R&D/IP mangement  (HORIZONTAL UNIT)

                 Contracting  (TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER UNIT)


Courses: TTTEA basic soft skills (HORIZONTAL UNIT)

                 Protection (TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION UNIT)



Courses: Identification (TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION UNIT)

                 Assessment (TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION UNIT)



Courses: Implementation (TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER UNIT)


Courses: TTTEA tools & methodologies (HORIZONTAL UNIT)

                 Validation (MARKET ENGAGEMENT UNIT)