Technology transfer: Contracting

Aim of the course:  The aim of the course is to provide participants with basic understanding of transactional issues of technology transfer in their legal and fiscal aspects.

Course level:  Basic.

Commitment: 2,5 h

Information and skills achieved after ending the course Basic understanding of intellectual property contracting and basic skills in using the Espacenet database for the purpose of due diligence.


Aim of the course:

This course addresses the introduction to and broad overview of PM methodologies and tools, together with positioning and choosing the right one and, also, defines risk management, presents software solutions and offers practical walkthrough.

It also addresses the introduction to and broad overview of teams and teamwork, defines how to build effective/successful team through team development (4 stages: forming, storming, norming and performing) and presents the importance and benefits of teamwork. Additionally, it describes team conflicts and resolution approaches.

One of the crucial aims of this course is to define key components of effective knowledge management and technology transfer methodologies and software tools and present how those can be utilized.

Course level:  basic/intermediate

Commitment: cca. 10 hours

Information and skills achieved after ending the course:

After studying this course, participants will learn to understand different project management methodologies applicable for different project organizations and types, the differences between the project methodologies, the way how different methodologies are implementable and how different project management tools are applicable for project management. Additionally, they will learn how to choose the right project methodology, be able to use it for a particular project organization or project type and use appropriate project management tools in a concrete project.

Also, they will learn to understand principles of a team and teamwork and why is it important to build a successful teams for implementing successful projects. They will learn to understand and be able to mitigate conflicts in a team and, thus, become equipped with some basic approaches in resolving conflicts. They will learn how to establish a team, get the insight into the concept of how successful teams work and learn how to successfully resolve conflicts in a team and, subsequently, how to bring the team to a maximum performance.

The most important part of the knowledge gained via this course is the review of technology transfer concepts and overview of relevant technology transfer management methodologies and tools that might be used for identifying, documenting, promoting, matchmaking and implementing good practices and solutions.